I suffer from ADHT-Attention Hyper Deficit T.  Which is why I started this blog.  I have so many thoughts running through my head at any given moment that I thought this would be a good way to manage my brain, so to speak.  I am also an insomniac-I’ven spent so many sleepless nights with any one or all three of my children that even if the house is completely still, I am often wide awake.  Put those two things together and this equals one tired, confused Mama!  So, I am not sure, in the end, if writing this blog is going to aid or add to my insomnia.

My husband lovingly calls me a “ham-n-egger”.  This is someone who does things half-assed.  I call it a multi-tasker.  And I am the queen of multi-tasking.  Okay, when it comes to my girls, I am not a ham-n-egger!  In this regards, I am most often overly attentive and extra careful.  But many other things, it’s true.  I am usually doing 10 things at once and wondering why I hit my head on the door on my way into the living room.  Some people say it’s a result of having children, the whole “baby brain” phenomenon.  I agree, I am MUCH more forgetful than I was before I had my kids.  The truth is, though, I was always like this and now it’s just become more so.  If my poor husband is trying to talk to me past 8 pm, I have a hard time concentrating.  I am more often thinking of what kind of dessert I will be having versus pondering the political situation in Mongolia.  This is me-totally scattered and somewhat inattentive.  Good grief, what am I going to be like at 80?!?!  Don’t get me wrong, I DO like talking about current events and global issues.  And I DO enjoy talking to Sacha.  Just not after 8 pm and especially if I haven’t eaten.

So, this goes against all of the “super blogger’s” advice for the best type of blog-keep it simple, choose one focus, don’t write too much, etc.  Well, this is not a blog for those who like to concentrate on one thing.  Sorry, folks.  This a blog for the running-in-all directions, stressed-out, where’s-my-phone-and-my-third-child, trying-to-keep-it-all together-person.  Oh, and I know that this is probably a run-on sentence.  That’s just me, ADH “T”.


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